19 February 2007

The course is over

For anyone who stumbles here for whatever reason, this blog was created to support a course, and that course is now over, so there's not likely to be much (if any) traffic here in the future.

Thanks for visiting, though, and thanks to all the students who make this work! Feel free to visit my blog, where I do post about issues musical now and then.

15 December 2006

Blog Summary

I've posted my blog summary.

12 December 2006

Discussion summary

Hey I posted a discussion summary for the 3 pm class.

08 December 2006

Discussion Summary

I have summarized some discussion.

06 December 2006

Blog Summary

Hey people I blogged about the blog site you should check it out. http://dano1421.blogspot.com/

05 December 2006

UMM FYS Jamboree 2006 mosaic

UMM FYS Jamboree 2006 mosaic, originally uploaded by Nic's events.

I've posted (uncleaned and unedited) the less-bad subset of the photos that I took at Jamboree. Feel free to wander over and have a look. I'd meant to take pictures at the radio show, and totally gapped it. Sigh.


04 December 2006

Hey everyone I just finished the blog summary. I wrote about Jamboree. If you want to check it out go to http://rootsfys.blogspot.com/


Thanks for a cool radio show!

I thought that both radio shows went quite well tonight - thanks to all those that came by, and especially to those that contributed/chose music and talked on-air. Huzzah!

03 December 2006

Swing dancing at Jamboree

I took several photos Thursday at Jamboree but haven't had a chance to sift through them yet. I figured I'd toss this one up quick, though. Many of my shots in Louie's were pretty blurry (it's not real bright down there), and my pictures at the tables upstairs aren't super exciting (you know, people sitting at a table, etc.). I liked this one, though, 'cause it showed the band in the foreground (which was cool) and people dancing and having fun in the background.

I think the whole swing dancing thing went really well. It's a bummer more people didn't come down to join us, but that's their problem, not yours.

Looking forward to tonight's radio show!

01 December 2006

Blues Brothers

I have Rawhide on my computer for the radio show. They fixed the MP3 cord so there shouldnt be any problem playing it.

-Michael Zajicek